Halalan 2010

{Oktubre 17, 2009}   “Do they deserve to be the President of this country? ”
Who among them???

Who among them???

Ni: Jonalyn Marcos

Let’s get to know our Presidential Candidates for incoming 2010 election.

Chiz Escudero For President in 2010? Subukan natin. Sen. Chiz Escudero is one of those mentioned for the Philippine presidential elections.

While Sen. Manny Villar is inserting budget allocations to gain more money under his “C5 at taga” program, Bayani Fernando was fixing the water system of the squatters in Recto.

In the meantime, during the time Noli De Castro left his first wife to marry a Muslim, Bayani Fernando, then a young businessman, is using his construction equipments to block the pro Marcos soldiers from open firing on the helpless civilian in the EDSA Revolution.

Remember the time Loren Legarda married a old rich murderer para magka pera and converted to Muslim para di mademanda ng bigamy, well, Bayani Fernando was giving 11,ooo squatters their own homes.

While Erap Estrada is stealing the pension money of the ordinary SSS members, Bayani Fernando was clearing the sidewalks from the encroachments of rich store owners and illegal vendors protected by kotong cops so that the poor people will have a place to walk on , and, the poor children will have at least a small area to play.

While Jojo Binay is making money by volume thru the cakes given to his own supporters bought from his own bakery,paid by Makati government, Bayani Fernando is managing the MMDA Hostel in the Port Area so that the poor promdis will have a cheap place to stay while in Manila.

It is the sequence of the Philippine presidency that put an ordinary housewife, a lowly paid soldier, a college drop out … and probably, a former sacristan, to become president, against well moneyed and well positioned opponents.

Chiz Escudero For President or Bayani Fernando For President ?
Erap Estrada for President or Manny Villar For President?

Noynoy Aquino For President or Gilbert Teodoro for President?
Who is the BEST Presidentiable of the them all?
Is the Philippine presidency so bad that almost all aspirants are wicked? Who is the next president of the Philippines? Who are really the Philippine presidentiables?

The choice is yours…but let us not worry,“God From Heaven ” will guide us.

Kung kaya’t mga kabataang tulad ko, please vote wisely. Choose the right person. Sa kanya nakasalalay ang kahahantungan ng bansa. Pag-isipan nating mabuti ang mga kandidatong ating iboboto. Sa atin rin mga kabataan nakasalalay ang magiging hinaharap ng ating bansang Pilipinas.

Patnubayan ng Poong Maykapal sa ating ipipiling mga kandidato!


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